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CNS Hospital

CNS Hospital(Center for NeuroScience Trauma and Advanced Orthopedics)
Our is a “State of the Art” 50 bedded facility providing dedicated services in the fields of
Neurology, Neurosurgery, Trauma, Orthopedics and Plastic Surgery – All under one roof.

Our Vision

A Community in which all people achieve their full
potential for health and well being across the life span.
We work to be trusted by patients, a valued partner in
community and creators of positive change. We shape
Neuro Science care for better tomorrow.

Our Mission

A trusted Accident, Neuro Science and Intensive Care
provider, improving lives through integrated clinical
care, driving innovation and empowering knowledge.

Our Values

COMPASSION: – We treat everyone the way we want to be treated with kindness, respect and dignity.

INTEGRITY: – We adhere to the highest standard of
professional conduct and ethical behavior.

TEAMWORK: – As team CNS, we believe that together we can achieve more to advance our mission

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